The Amazing Water Fruit & Vegetable Washer

Enjoy your food free of unwanted chemicals, hormones, pesticides, viruses, and bacteria by using the world’s first multifunctional food sanitizer!

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How It Works

Active Oxygen (O3)

The Amazing Water Food Sanitizer produces active oxygen (O3), which is a strong oxidant.

Oxidize Pesticides

Pesticides, viruses, and bacteria are chemical compounds. Active oxygen destroys the chemical bonds of organic pesticides through strong oxidation, making them lose their medicinal properties.

Enjoy Food Safely

Restore your relationship with fresh produce by enjoying it the way you were meant to – free of worry.

Kill Bacteria

Active oxygen also oxidizes and kills viruses and bacteria on your food.

Our Story

It’s no secret how polluted the earth is becoming each day and…

this has a direct impact on the food that we eat. New diseases and cancers are increasing rapidly, and there seems to be no good way to avoid them. Even if you are a vegetarian, there’s no guarantee that your food is safe from unwanted chemicals, insecticides, and fertilizers. Rinsing produce with water alone is not enough to get rid of the pesticides or toxic substances that coat fruits and vegetables. When we eat these mass-produced and chemically-induced foods, it is like consuming poison slowly over time.

At Amazing Water, we reached the point where we knew we needed to change the way we prepare our food, not only to protect ourselves but our loved ones as well. We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge technology that we believe will revolutionize the way we consume food in the modern world.

Why Every Family Needs It!

As humans, we are all united in our common need for food. It brings us together. Your family deserves to be able to gather and eat nutritious food without worrying about potential exposures to toxins. Amazing Water Multifunctional Food Sanitizer – removes harmful toxins, bacteria, viruses, and added hormones in food within minutes. Just add water, insert either vegetables, fruit, meat, or seafood, and within minutes the food is sanitized and the residue is discarded, ensuring your food is completely clean and sanitized every time.

Testimonials From our Amazing Family’s to Yours

I have had the food sanitizer for six months. I love it! My fruit and vegetables last longer.


Los Angeles, CA
I always am use to eating organic food. Since I brought the food sanitizer, I noticed my fruit and vegetables are tastier.


New York

My favorite part of the machine is that the veggies seem to last longer and does an awesome job on the mushrooms. With the meat, I see some white bubbles in the water.


Boston, MA
I use to get stomach cramps regularly but since I started to use the food sanitizer, I don’t get them as much as I use to and fruit and raw veggies taste much, much better.


San Francisco, CA
I use it for everything! I love it! I will never cook anything without using the food sanitizer. I trust what it does.


Chicago, Il
At first I was afraid to use the sanitizer. What an amazing job on the meat! Thumbs up sanitizer!


Miami, FL
What a job on lettuce! A more crunchy taste! The fruit has a fruitier taste! I recommend everyone use it.


Seattle, WA

Before I bought the food sanitizer, after eating salmon, I got sick and had to go to the hospital. Now all the seafood I eat I clean with the Amazing Water Food Sanitizer. I have not gotten sick. I am a believer
In the Amazing Water Food Sanitizer. I recommend that everyone should have one!


West Vancouver, BC

Customer Stories

Amanda and Brandon are a couple live in West Vancouver, BC. They have had been successful in real estate investing and retired when they were in their forties. They love to travel and eat seafood. When Andrew from Amazing Water Inc. explained about the benefits of the food sanitizer, Amanda thought that they did not need it. Her husband Brandon reminded her by saying " Honey, do you remember last time when you ate the salmon, you were so sick that you had to go to the hospital! Let's get this!".

What happened is recently Amanda had bought a salmon from a large supermarket in their neighbourhood. Brandon was not home early in the day when Amanda cooked the salmon for lunch, then she had stomach cramps and diarrhea. In the beginning, she thought the symptoms would ease and probably go away with some rest. When Brandon had gotten home later at night, he had saw that her symptoms had gotten worse, she was weak from the multiple occurrences of diarrhea. Brandon was a little worried and drove Amanda to the hospital. The doctor had checked her and suspected probably some type of bacteria or germ had caused the illness. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics plus other pills and sent her home.

Now Amanda cleans all her seafood with the Food Sanitizer before she cooks it. She is fine since and loves the machine.

Ana and her husband George lives in Abbotsford, BC. When Andrew introduced the food sanitizer to her, she was sceptical about the necessity of the item in the beginning but was intrigued by the product. Normally Ana just use city tap water to wash her vegetables and fruits and she thought that was sufficient. She likes to eat raw vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, carrots, etc. Andrew told her that tap water can not kill bacteria such as Salmonella or Ecoli. Further into the conversation, Ana mentioned that she felt stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea from time to time. She had seen her family doctor multiple times and could not figure out what was the cause of her illness. Andrew suggested her to check for parasites. Ana thought that she did not have parasites. However she had done a series of other check up such as heart, ultrasound, blood etc and could not pinpoint the cause and was perplexed by the symptoms. She decided to check for parasites and gave it a try. Later on in the month the lab test confirmed that she did have parasites in her intestines!

Ana has undergone treatments on parasites infection. Symptoms began to improve after a few weeks. Her doctor had suggested her to drink clean water, eat more fibre including fruits and vegetables which are good sources. These measures would help to keep the digestive tract healthy. Now that Ana has finished with the treatments, she is especially concerned of not getting infected again and want to make certain that the food she ingest has to be sanitized and clean. Ana has bought the machine and she cleans all of her vegetables in the Food Sanitizer. Now she can safely eat raw vegetables out of the machine with peace of mind and she loves it.

Janet lives in Langley BC. She had bought the Food Sanitizer when Andrew told her about the product. Janet and her family had to go to Calgary to visit her sister. Before they depart from home, Janet had still some fruit and vegetables left in the fridge. After 1 week when Janet and her family returned home, Janet was pleasantly surprised to find all fruit and vegetables are still fresh as new. Janet realized that the fruit and vegetables can still stay fresh was because she made a habit of washing all fruit and vegetables in the food sanitizer as she bought from the super market and before storing them in the fridge.

Janet realizes that after washing in the food sanitizer, the fruit and vegetables can stay fresh and tastier longer. She is using the machine every day.

Bruce and Enya are a senior couple in their eighties and live in Maple Ridge. Enya has a weak digestion and she feels stomach cramps from time to time. They want to make sure the food that they consume are as clean as possible. Moreover, meat is not washed before cooking. Now they can sanitize the meat in the Food Sanitizer and they are glad to notice that it cleans out a white foam from the meat. Now Bruce and Enya clean all of their raw food using the Food Sanitizer. Additionally Enya gets less stomach cramps and feels better and more confident about the food she eat.

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